RiverBums: We’re on a mission from God

(Written for June 13th, 2011)

Ok, so God didn’t exactly say Go fishing…But I’d like to think we have his blessing as we set forth this summer to make it another “greatest summer of fishing!” As we have for the last 10 years together.

Oh and has this season been good to us so far or what.  Dad and I embarked on a 4 hour drive ( or as they sing on Gillian’s Island, a four hour drive, a four hour drive) to northern Wisconsin to fish our favorite river ********* (Sorry, if we told ya, we’d have to kill ya).

It was a clear 7.73 inch water level, 50 degrees and minimal wind. 40 smallies were caught as we walked about a mile stretch for a good 7 hours. The smallies were still bedding but when they hit it was like throwing a box of cookies down between Rosie O’donnell and pre-dancing Kristie Alley. Just sit back and let the fight begin! The smallies were skinny coming off the beds but fiesty! Our opener was sure a treat.

However, there was also an abundance of rafters. Leave it to Ac though to close the deal under pressure. Oh yes, whenever a clan of half-naked frat boy rafters come lolly-dollying down the river whispering, “look a girl,” “what she doin here,” “Is that a boy with a pony tail?”…She lands a fish!!! Everytime! Yes here comes hot looking boys and AC wows them not with skin my friends, but with scales. Hot, smoking scales!

Yes, we drove home happy campers with our DQ shakes in hand as treats for a good day fishing. Sure was better than a good day at the office. Speaking of, we have to get back to the real world. Hey Dad, “what do you call someone who fishes all day and never has to go to work?”


Depressed already and missing the water. So until next time, we will see ya on the other side of the river!

Cast Away,

Ac and Dad

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