Chugs, Drugs & Rock’n Roll

Yes my friends, this Sunday rocked our waders off. The river was filled with the sounds of Rolling Stones,  Clearwater, and ROD Stewart. Ok, that one took it too far! But, in all seriousness, this weekend turned out to be a triumphant feat of casting and catching. Chugger baits were the hot merchandise in the river and they were selling like crazy!

It started out as a slow day, as the first 3 hours produced nothing. The water was even murkier than last weekend and our fears heightened as more casts were made and less fish were caught. But, just as the sun started to warm the water and noon rolled around, the fishing got hot! Top water lures came to the rescue and in no time we were reeling in monster smallies.

We put the dissatisfying twisty tails away and focused on the top water lures (yellow and green frog patterned torpedoes with 2 treble sets). 9 hours, 2 miles waded, and 45 fish! I’d say that’s a job well done. Oh yes my friends, the Riverbums were hiring and we made sure to see every scaly and slimy candidate.

Here are a few Tidbaits on River Top Water:

The top water proved most effective in the afternoon, as the water had the chance to warm up. The fast moving water held fewer fish. Whereas, the eddys and ponds of slower moving and deeper water held darker colored and abundant smallies. 

Recent rain made the river cloudy and normal sub surface lures didn’t produce as many hits. We reverted to top water in order to get vibration and motion strikes, which was at that point our only option. When using a Torpedoe top water, quick jerks of noisy retrieval patterns cause the top water to travel sub surface 3 to 4 inches at a time to alert and intrigue the fish. Even though the fish cannot see the lure through the murky rain water, the noise of the vibrations produce multiple strikes. However the desire to set the hook early must be timed to perfection. If not timed properly, the fish may get a taste of the hook and refuse to hit again. 

Of course, the key to success of top water is precise pin point casting. Being able to land that torpedoe right above a nest or behind a boulder with a pool is ideal. That and the combination of rythmic chugging and timed hook setting is what turns a good day of top water into a great day.

Until next time, we’ll see ya on the other side of the river.
Cast Away,
Ac and Dad

Example of Torpedo Top Water

3 thoughts on “Chugs, Drugs & Rock’n Roll

  1. Dear R-Bums,I enjoy your little trips into the great wild yonder. I particularly enjoy Dad Bum's "getting going" in the AM. Those of us you suffer from ADHD are often going in ten directions at once. One must be patient with one's self and slow down and just rest in the thought of catching the big one and be silent and listen to the river within.The Southern Bingo-Bango-Bongo ChampEli on the Journey

  2. We would say:Early to bedEarly to riseFish like hellAnd make up lies!but…….you back up your escapades with pictures.Cheers and Godspeed, Those Stones

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