If you are wondering whether or not the rain water washed us away…do not fret…we are still here and do we have a tail for you…

This Saturday started out like any other summer fishing Saturday. Up at 3am, coffee, double check fishing gear, triple check fishing gear, walk dogs, out by 4am. But, as we merged onto 94 west we were surprised to find dozens of flares, cars going the wrong way and a handful of fuzz cars. Yes my friends, the under pass below the bridge was 5 feet flooded after a night of non-stop rain, hail and the largest lightning storm we had ever experienced. No go on the expressway and only a mile from home we feared for the worst. But, we weren’t going to stop there! Our fishpedition had just begun…

After zigzagging on side streets and taking a few detours through backyards, we found a way onto the expressway. Pouring, hailing and dodging lightning we cruised on in search of greener pastures and bluer skies. Despite weather reports claiming our secret spot to have clear skies and sun until 3pm, we couldn’t help the proof of evidence depicted by the black and blue beating our car took on from above.

Alas, we drew nearer to the ********** river (Sorry, hafta kill ya) and the weather cleared. We knew we only had a mere few precious hours. So, we dressed fast, walked hard and carried long rods! (Ba Dum Chi).

3 hours in of wading and casting, we caught 15 beautiful smallies with bait casters. We alternated between lures. When Dad used frog patterned top water torpedoes, AC used yellow twisty tails with long hook jig heads. When Dad used an orange crawdad patterened bottom dropper jig, AC used a red belly chugger. And was it a buffet on the river or what? Smallies hit just about everything but the kitchen sink. We would know, we’ve tried it! Yes my friends, it seemed like the day was going to be a homerun. That was until all hell broke out among the Gods…

Now, there isn’t a whole lot that a fisherman is scared of. Despite socialization, large crowds, broken hands and deserts there is one that is probably the most dangerous. And that is lightning. Sure, it doesn’t sound so bad from where you are sitting pretty at your computer. But just try standing waist deep in water, holding a 6 foot long graphite rod, wearing metal hooks, pliers and buckles, and surrounded by towering trees with no safe cover around my friends! Ha, now you’re scared.

So with that, Dad grabbed AC by the straps and hauled her ass up river faster than you can say “overprotective.” As long as it took us 2.5 hours to go down river, we made it back in under 15 minutes. Sweating, soaking and running for dear life, we made it back just in time to see the first bolt of lightning strike from the inside of our car. We live to fish another day!

So until next time.. see ya on the other side of the river!

Cast Away,

AC & Dad

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