The Basst of 2012

It’s the new year! So, we are putting the past behind us and moving on with a post of our favorite moments in the river of 2012. Due to an abundance of emails asking to see our favs and yours, we have decided to forgo the usual Riverbum Rant and just go the visual distance. So, without further ado (and zero captions), please enjoy the photos below of our great 2012 Riverbumming fishpeditions…

Time to make new memories 2013! If we can just get over 10 degrees, please 🙂

Goodbye 2012, thanks for the chance to cast!

Cast Away,

AC & Dad

3 thoughts on “The Basst of 2012

  1. Nice fish! Smallies are one of my favorite species to chase. I hope my daughter will fish with me when she's older. Fly fishing is a great hobby to share. It's a part of my life now.

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