A Trout Above The Rest

It turns out we missed blogging about a very special riverbum escapade from last year. You know you fish a lot when a whole trip goes un-noticed. We figured since our rivers are just recovering from watergeddon, now would be a good time to reminisce about it.

Of course, how could we forget such a trip? For this one was a significant one. September 8th. Unusually warm for this time of season. Our last successful day in our favorite river of Wisconsin, ********* -******* ( You should know better by now, we’d have to kill ya) And one very special fish.

No, it didn’t have an extra chromosome or the ability to make out how many toothpicks were in a pile on the floor. We mean special like those rare occurrences when you sense an eagle is near and look above as you stand knee deep in a river somewhere as it glides steadily at a regal pace sure to make any average hawk or crow envious.

Special like those fairytale moments in time, as you rush for your train in the depths of the city, listening to your iPod and you suddenly spot him, a sharp-dressed man with the clean cut face rushing towards the same train, with the same iPod and you both slow to allow the other on with blushed cheeks and shy voices and you stand for a moment on that train trying to catch your breaths and suddenly realize you are listening to the same song with one smooth glance as the doors shut on the scene.

Special like the hard working, ambitious, and dexterous entrepreneur who chooses to stay involved in every project because he loves his business that much and although he won’t admit it, every time he picks up a tool, labor fills him with that feeling of ecstatic resolution that he succeeded in his American Dream and pride gravitates through his every crevice as he and his team pursue and pursue well.

Special like that couple of 20 years that like to argue about fixing the garden during breakfast but secretly enjoy the sounds of eachother’s voices because they only have so much more time to listen to them. She likes gardening, he prefers watching the game, she goes out to the movies with her girlies every Monday night and he joins his guys for bowling every Tuesday. But, each night they come home like the typical 20 plus year couple that has endured the best and worst of times, get ready for bed and turn off the lights. You wouldn’t know from the outside though, that as they fall asleep he reaches for her hand and she does the same, for every night they fall asleep hand in hand, as if customary for those victims of everlasting true love.

So what makes this fish, this seemingly mediocre trout, the one Dad happened to net on a whim hope of his last summer smallie, so special? It pursued a dream not dreamt by most trout. It enacted a fad that would soon stand the test of past time, nay present and therefore future. This trout swallowed whole a top water torpedo. Don’t believe us huh? Well, you can bet we have the proof to back up our story with ever so breathtaking imagery. After all, we are fishermen, and all fishermen are liars, but we do it with poise and poses…

AC with her first smallie of the day

And now for something completely unique…Drum roll please…

Dad with his Top Water Trout 
A Trout Above the Rest

A Trout with a hefty appetite

Last photo of the summer in our favorite river
Whether stuck in a love that can withstand anything good or bad, a chance encounter with romance, a moment in time with nature’s treasures, or the dream of a lifetime…making it special is really up to you. That trout knew the lure was too big for him, but he was different than all the others his size. He took a chance, something set him apart, something special just made him a little better than the rest!
Until next time… we’ll see ya on the other side of the river.
Cast Away,
AC & Dad

2 thoughts on “A Trout Above The Rest

  1. Hi guys. I don't think I've ever seen a trout take a lure that big although I have caught a big Cutbow ( I think is was around 5+ pounds) on a f-11 Rapala. Coincidentally it was the same color.

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