Sweet Dixie Sugar Creek

Every once and a while the Riverbums crave something sweet. Yes, tradition compels us to visit an ice cream shop after every fishing adventure. Why? Cause ice creams amazing and if you don’t like ice cream then you are a terrorist and anti-‘merica!


But, besides ice cream what really tickles our fancy is a new river to explore. Especially one like Sugar Creek in Indiana. Clear water, rocky/gravel bottom and plenty of turns with coverage for hiding smallies. We traveled late Friday night, stayed the night and was able to hit the river early morning and fished until early afternoon. It was a cloudy coverage day in temps of 85. The water was super clear but we felt the spots we had chosen were not as abundant as we felt other parts of the river could be. With swarms of kayakers, we were forced to stick to less populated areas. However, we walked about with 2 smallies each and were pretty happy with the location and beauty of this river…10599205_1467049760241943_979307588559167999_n









Cool nesting area for bats


In case we ran out of granola bars...

In case we ran out of granola bars…


The inside was even cooler

So our lesson for today, read up on rivers a little more extensively. We are booked the rest of the summer, but we plan on coming back next year. And we guarantee, more fish will be caught or our name isn’t the Riverbums. Now, let’s go get some ice cream.

Until next time, we’ll see ya on the other side of the river…

Cast Away,


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