Major Hiatus…

Whew, that was an adventure! Sorry friends, it’s been a while. You see, we were on a mission from God and we just got back. Ironically, we still have half a pack of cigarettes, it’s dark out and we are wearing sunglasses.

So, despite my Irish need to make up some elaborate story like we were abducted by Indians in Wisconsin or a pack of wolves took us in to be one of them and show them the Netflixway and how to use a fork…we actually were working. I know. It’s an evil word. A word that makes scratching a chalkboard sound like what a puppy feels like. Work. Ugh! But, don’t worry. There was some play inbetween there too! Plenty of it. So, in order to catch everyone up. We decided to recap the summer since July…

P1020763 P1020756 P1020757 P1020760 P1020766 P1020768 P1020774 P1020763 P1020772

P1020755 P1020775

See, that was quite pleasant, wasn’t it?

Until Next Time, we’ll see ya on the other side of the river…


Cast Away,



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