Bonnie and Clyde Bum

OHHHH YAAAAAA, we’re back friends! Sorry for the hiatus, we were stuck in hibernation mode and well our bosses were on us like a smallie on a top water. But, we are back and back for good. A lot has happened since last fall. So, instead of catching you up, we’re just gonna dive right in to a little adventure we had this past weekend…

Like Starsky and Hutch, Butch and the Kid, and the infamous Bonnie and Clyde…A great getaway vehicle (or horse) is the key to adventure. It’s way takes us from money hole to money hole. It allows us to escape our everyday predators, like our non-fishing husbands and wives, bosses, clubbing friends, little weeny dogs that need to be walked around on a little pink weeny leash and more.  In our case, the Riverbum getaway vehicle is a white 2012 Honda CRV. So when we heard it was going to be nothing but sunny on one crisp Saturday morning we thought, “we just can’t stay inside all day and cuddle.” Hell’s no, we would do what we do best. Fish of course. However, the rivers were still a bit swollen due to snow melt and it was 29 degrees out. Which meant there was only one option we had that included our trusty steed, pond hopping. So, we packed up our car and headed out to the North woods. Well, Arlington Heights really. More like Corporate North Woods of Illinois. Despite the tall buildings and rich suburbs, we were still able to find tranquility amongst the still waters in-between housewife’s cleaning dishes and dad’s coaching soccer.

So whatever pond we could find, we would park (as legally as we could), grab our rods and cast until we felt the pond was casted out to its fullest and then we would head back into the car and roam to the next pond. Like Bonnie and Clyde, we were high on adventure. Although abundance of fish was expected to be slim to none, we were still outside, we were still fishing, we were still the only ones fishing, and we were still having fun. The sun provided warmth as temps borderlined on 29 and 30 all day with winds about 20 MPH. Our first 2 ponds were empty. Now you may ask, did you use the right lure? Or maybe the weath-… No, they were empty. Accept that. It wasn’t until our 3rd pond that we hit jackpot…



2 decent sized largemouth to boot and on worms. No, not live worms. What kind of animals do you think we are? We have more class than that my friends. We used 6 inch deep red tinted wacky worms with a hook through the middle to catch the bass’s eye that much more.We were beyond ecstatic. Our first fish since the Ozarks trip we took at New Years. Ok, so they aren’t like the smallies we catch in our money hole. But, to be the only ones out fishing gorgeous suburban ponds and catch something, made our weeks. We then ventured to a larger pond towards the Vernon Hills area where Ben was able to land this guy whilst distraction ensued. We were about to high tail it out when Ben checked his phone quick while his lure was still submerged and BAM, a largemouth grabbed hold and hard. Ben dropped his phone and laughing, reeled the biggie in. We both laughed as I took a photo and Ben cleaned off the mud streaked bass that he pulled through the mucky trenches. Looks like his tactic of letting the wacky worm sit for longer worked out…


7 ponds visited, 3 largemouth bass caught, and 1 excellent adventure of the Riverbums. I’d say we will take what we can get. After all, rebels like us need to go where the danger beckons us. And it looks like our trusty steed will be taking us to Newaygo, MI next weekend, to fish the mighty White River. Until then, we’ll see ya on the other side of the river…

Cast Away,

The Riverbums

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