50 Shades of Spawn





Friends, it’s time for us to pull the curtains back and let the magic happen for our friends under the surface. Spawning is upon us and well we all know what it feels like to either A) walk in on our parents or B) be walked in on. So, let’s just do ourselves a favor and let them be. But, not before we hit a few ponds in Central Illinois. Turns out more wacky worms and Speckled lizards are doing the trick. As we cast out there, we let the worms drop to the mud and then dance them back to us waiting for a hit. It’s a nice change of pace to feel these large mouth whack the lures way down under. Every once and while a weed sends a false alarm and we go as wacky as our worms. But, as we became more acquainted with the water we began to have fun with the act of jigging and waiting patiently for the strikes. All in all, we had a great 2 weekends in April. We even had the chance to try out our very first boat. Introducing….The Dinghy!



The Dinghy

IMG_5321 IMG_4509 IMG_5320


Looks like it’s going to be a rainy week. But, don’t worry a little rain will add some romance to the spawning. Nothing like a good spawning season and good Spring rains for a prosperous Summer. Until next time, we’ll see ya on the other side of the river…


Cast Away,

The RiverBums

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